I’m pleased to announce that a photograph from my documentary series on the life of a hula halau has been selected for inclusion in this year’s “Contemporary Photography in Hawaii” exhibit. The exhibit is one of Hawaii’s largest photography exhibits, and the images included are chosen by a jury. “Contemporary Photography in Hawaii” is organized by the Pacific New Media program at the University of Hawaii-Manoa, and is now in its fourth year.

The exhibit opens on April 6, and runs through April 27, at Frame Arts, 627 South Street, Honolulu. The opening reception is on April 6 from 6-9 p.m. at the gallery.

The photo that was selected is called “Kanoelani,” and features one of the halau’s alakai, or teachers, Kanoelani Rosenberg. She’s a gifted dancer, and over the many, many months that I photographed Halau Na Mamo O Pu’uanahulu, Kanoelani served as my photographic muse. It is interesting to think that this particular photo was actually one of the first I shot, literally on the first day, when I was trying to figure out how I was going to shoot. I’d never photographed hula before, certainly not a “behind the scenes” practice session. And the practice venue was lit by an extremely harsh late afternoon light, which provided a very strong back light. I’m not sure why, but I also was shooting that segment with a Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D prime lens, something I usually don’t do, as I usually rely on zoom Nikkors.

Perhaps the lesson is that there’s benefit in having no expectations about a shoot, and that I should use that “old style” prime more often.

This link will take you to the Portfolio section of this web site, to the portfolio called “Hula.” “Kanoelani” is the third photo in the portfolio.



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