Majuro: Essays from an Atoll

Majuro: Essays from an Atoll

For those fortunate enough to travel to the Marshall Islands, there is always a sense of discovery. It isn’t easy to get to the Marshall Islands; the intrepid traveler must choose to get to the collection of atolls and small islands in the Central Pacific that make up the Republic of the Marshall Islands. There’s none of the “let’s take that train instead” decision-making that one can do on a continent. But the traveler who finds himself or herself in the Marshalls will often be rewarded for the effort. This is travel for the adventurous, not for those who preen or insist upon being pampered. It is an experience for those who wish to learn. Indeed, those who travel to these atolls to learn about others will find that they leave learning more about themselves.
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School On The Hill: Micronesia's Remarkable Xavier High School


School On The Hill:
Micronesia’s Remarkable Xavier High School

Hands are raised, waving back and forth, as students shout out to be recognized. The teacher, Rey Dahilan, has the classroom under control, if barely. He looks across the small class and chooses two students. They rush to the front of the classroom, where they will compete to correctly answer the question Dahilan has carefully spelled out in dusty chalk. On a blackboard. Not a whiteboard with brightly colored felt-tipped markers. And don’t even think of looking for a SMART Board, not where municipal power is usually off for half the day. Dahilan is teaching Calculus IV to the 29 members of the senior class of Xavier High School, which is located in the Federated States of Micronesia. The seniors at the blackboard are June Joy Lemaisei Laibeyal and Marson Elley. June Joy is from Woleai, a remote atoll in Yap State, population 1,000, at the western edge of the FSM. Marson is from Kosrae, a single island state at the far eastern edge of the FSM, home to some 7,000 residents. June Joy and Marson grew up speaking different languages, learning different cultural traditions. But on this day, in their crisp red and white uniforms, they are speaking the same language, English, and are immersed in the rich cultural traditions of Xavier High School. The same holds true for their classmates, who come from Pohnpei and Chuuk, also part of the FSM, as well as the nations of Palau and the Marshall Islands. They are different, but after four years together at Xavier’s hilltop campus in Chuuk, they are as close as brothers and sisters.
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Pasefika: The Festival Of Pacific Arts


Pasefika: The Festival Of Pacific Arts

They come from the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, from the coastal villages of Samoa, from the small islands of Palau that overlook the Philippine Sea, and hundreds of other islands scattered across the Pacific. Over 2,000 of Oceania’s best dancers, carvers, and artisans come together every four years to celebrate the Festival of Pacific Arts. It is a celebration of the finest of the Pacific that’s been held 10 times since 1972, when Pacific Islanders gathered in Fiji. The 10th festival was held in mid-2008, when the Pacific traveled to American Samoa for two weeks of dancing, singing and celebrating the Pacific’s rich cultural traditions. Pasefika is the first book about the Festival of Pacific Arts. It captures the vibrant colors, high energy and unrestrained joy that define the Festival. Pasefika is now available at

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Pasefika ebook

Pasefika: The Festival of Pacific Arts
(Enhanced eBook)

This is the ebook version of Pasefika: The Festival of Pacific Arts. It includes all of the print edition photographs and essays, plus 33 edited videos of performances and events from the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts. The videos were recorded and edited by Oscar Betham, a veteran videographer who lives in American Samoa, venue for the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts. The Festival of Pacific Arts, which is held every four years, is both difficult to get to and usually extremely difficult to attend, because hotel and home-stay accommodations tend to be so limited in most Pacific Islands. This ebook allows the interested reader to get as close to the Festival experience as possible, from the comfort of his or her favorite chair. The ebook is designed specifically for use with the iPad, iPhone and iTouch, and is available exclusively through Apple’s iBookstore.

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Palau Community College Book cover

Many Voices, One Dream:
From Mokko to Palau Community College

Palau Community College is the national institution of higher education for the young Republic of Palau in the Western Pacific. The college has a long and storied history, which reaches back to the early 20th Century when Japan, then the administrator of the Palau Islands, developed a vocational training program for islanders. Palauans called the school “Mokko.” Today, Palau Community College is a U.S.-accredited institution that offers many liberal arts as well as technical training certificates and degrees. This book, the first history of the college, includes essays, first-person accounts of the development of the college, and many photographs by the author, college staff as well as from the college’s archives. The book is available exclusively from Palau Community College.

Palau Community College



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